Montezuma Mining is an ASX listed company focussed on the development of the world class 100% owned Butcherbird Manganese Project located in Western Australia. In addition, the company holds a number of multi-commodity exploration and mining tenements in Western Australia and Europe.

The company is currently exploring restructuring options to allow resources and funds to be focussed on the development of a high purity manganese production facility at Butcherbird whilst separately capitalising the company's other exploration assets.

During 2017, the company worked in collaboration with the CSIRO to develop an innovative hydrometallurgical flowsheet to allow for rapid, low cost extraction of manganese from the unique Butcherbird deposit, which boasts in excess of 180Mt in resource. The process works at ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressures with fast leach kinetics, extracting over 95% of the contained manganese in approximately 30 minutes without fine grinding.

The unique process provides a pathway to develop the very large resource at Butcherbird to produce premium, high purity manganese products to meet demand in a growth market, including the production of manganese sulphate for use in the production of NMC lithium ion batteries. The process can also produce electrolytic manganese metal and electrolytic manganese dioxide for larger, established markets in specialty steel making and conventional LMO lithium ion batteries.

To advance the project, a Scoping Study was initiated in February of 2018 to investigate different production volumes and the cost benefits of various product selection options as well as providing estimated capital and operating costs. This work is expected to be completed in mid-April of 2018 and, subject to a successful result, the board will consider the immediate launch of a Preliminary Feasibility Study.



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